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This page is reserved for our fan club – the CORE-ites. Sadly, the founding president Shelley Bricker is no longer able to run the Club. As the band passionately believes that it should be independent, everything is pretty much ‘frozen’ – until another volunteer comes along! 😉 However, we have kept the page visable so people can read the intro and monthly newsletters from Shelley in 2014, as they really capture the excitement surrounding the Tryin’ 2 Seem Normal Tour. – Bev

A Letter From Shelley


If you are a fan of The Band Core Critical that makes you a CORE-ite and this is your Fan Page! I believe together we can make it an awesome place to share our love of the band!

Please, let me introduce myself. I am Shelley Bricker from Brunswick, OH, USA.

I became aware of the music and poetry of Core Critical in November 2013. It truly was love at first hear. The music is rockin’ and I believe rock music is the heartbeat of our lives. As I investigated the website for Core Critical to learn more about them I came across the e-book The Life Trilogy. I couldn’t stop reading until the end. And then I read it again! Here I found answers to questions and opportunities I had been looking for.

I am very blessed to have a wonderful family. I love being a wife and mom. But my family will be the first to tell you that I am always looking for adventure and new things to experience and learn. Bev Wills’ poetry was showing me a new path, a way to learn to take care of my inner core, a way to find even more happiness. That new happiness would spill over into being a wife and mom in so many good ways!

I wanted to share this knowledge with the world so others could find their path too! Suddenly, I WAS on an adventure in the land of indie music visiting Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and internet radio. I began posting about my love for Core Critical everywhere I could and talking in chat rooms to spread the word. I wanted everyone to have the chance to hear and read the wonderful message they bring.

I have a feeling you are here for some of the same reasons. You love the music. The poetry speaks to you. You want other people to know and have the chance to appreciate the work of Core Critical.

If you would like to become a member of the Fan Page, please send your email address to me at Email Core Critical– with subject line ‘Loyal to the Core’. Please include your name in the body of the letter.

By becoming a member of the Fan Page you will receive the monthly newsletter CORE AMOUR. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date with news of Core Critical and is a great place for CORE-ites to share their love of the band.

I have other projects I am working on and I am extremely excited to see this Fan Page grow with your help!

Thank you and have a wonderful day filled with love, music, and happiness!

“Real strength is always mental over physical
That’s why to us our Core is Critical”
Bev Wills 2010


20 Responses to CORE-ites Fan Club

  1. ShellBCore-ite -President says:

    This is very awesome! Happy to my CORE xo

    • Jess says:

      So Awesome Shelley! So i talk to you about joining the club?? 😉 already a fan if that counts??? 🙂

      • Jess,
        Welcome! Thank you for becoming a CORE-ite. I am excited about what 2014 is going to bring The Band Core Critical and I am very happy you will be joining us on the journey! The band and I truly appreciate all your help on Rocker’s Dive Radio and your friendship. Thank you for being our Fan! I look forward to sharing more information and updates with you as we develop the page. Here’s to a Rockin’ New Year!
        Shelley B – President of Core-ites – The Official Fan Club of The Band Core Critical

        • Bev says:

          On behalf of the whole Band, I want to thank Shelley so much for doing this. We are honored that she wants to organise and run CORE-ites for us. She is the best fan a band could ever have. 🙂

  2. ShellBCore-ite -President says:

    Happy New Year to the Band that rocks my world!!! Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings ! Love you guys so much <3. I wish for a new year full of fun, fortune and music for you all! XOXO

    • Bev says:

      Thank you Shelley, or should we say Mrs President! We’d hug you but our arms can’t quite reach Ohio from here! 😉 Your love for the Band and it’s music is something that we treasure 24/7. Marching on together into the New Year… xoxo

  3. Thank you Core Critical for my very awesome Banner !!! It sure is easy to have a fan club for the best band on the planet when they make it an awesome place to visit!!! Thank you very much !!!!!!!
    Shelley – President of CORE-ites the Official Fan Club of The Band Core Critical
    Loyal To The Core <3

  4. CORE-ites : Please support these stations and request The Band Core Critical !!!

    See the complete list of stations playing our band here:

  5. Hello CORE-ites!!
    Our band needs our help! I know we would love to see them LIVE !!!
    This is a copy of the posting by Bev Wills:
    We really need your help! (Don’t we always!)
    We are planning our ‘Tryin 2 Seem Normal’ tour for 2014. Obviously, that will include South Florida, but we are hoping to play in some major cities in the NE USA as well. More places than that if we can get the interest. In order to make our case to booking agents we need to have a strong social media presence.
    The more people that ‘Like’ ,; Subscribe to our YouTube channel , follow Bev on Twitter (@CoreCritical), the more chance we have of getting bookings and playing in great American cities.
    Please help us if you can by sharing and getting your friends involved in our music. Thanks so much for any help you can give us. Each like REALLY does count If you live within 50 miles of New Jersey, New York (New York), Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia, would you share our page with your friends and encourage them to like us?! We have to prove to booking agents we are worth the risk! Thanks. Hope we are playing live for you soon!

  6. Thank you to all the CORE-ites! We are gaining LIKES for the Facebook page and Subscriptions to the YouTube channel for The Band Core Critical. The number of people Following @CoreCritical on Twitter is increasing also. Let’s keep up the great work! Please ask family and friends if they could help out our favorite band. Those higher numbers will increase the ability of the band to play LIVE !! Something I can’t wait to see. Loyal To The Core !

  7. DJTruckie says:

    CORE-ites!!!!! “YEAH RIGHT!!!” Love it!!

  8. Hello CORE-ites! I hope you enjoyed the February newsletter. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the next one! If you have questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Loyal To The Core !

  9. Congratulations to Clare Costa for being Fan Of The Month ! Her support of Core Critical and the CORE-ites is outstanding!! Thank you Clare !!!

  10. Shelley Bricker - President of CORE-ites says:

    I am so very excited about this announcement:


    We are delighted to announce that the amazing talent that is Amelia Scalies – Singer Song Writer and New Jersey’s finest The Lost Will Follow are joining us for the NE section of our Tryin’ 2 Seem Normal tour. We are currently finalizing the dates and venues, but expect them to be at the end of August/September when Amelia gets back from her European tour.
    In addition to regular gigs, the three of us are also hoping to collaborate on live concerts on online radio, so all our fans around the world will be able to hear us play live.
    Take the time to check out Amelia’s music here:
    And The Lost Will Follow here:
    Listen and you will understand why we are so happy they are joining us. This is going to be a tour to remember!

  11. Hello CORE-ites and welcome to March 2014!! Let’s help the band march forward towards the Tryin’ 2 Seem Normal Tour 2014! I want to thank all the CORE-ites for their LIKES on the FB page. The band reached over 500!! This is a post from Bev Wills
    Thank you so much to everybody who has ‘Liked’ this page so far. Getting 500 likes is a kind of ‘base camp’. To impress booking agents and sponsors we need a lot more.
    If everybody that liked us got just one person to like us too, that would get us to the magic number of 1,000. It’s where we need to be ASAP. Just one person each…. It would be great if you could… We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t soooooooooo important! :0
    Thanks everybody”
    I hope you can help Core Critical and ourselves out by asking one person to LIKE the page: Keep up the great work with YouTube and Twitter !! Thank you for being Loyal To The Core !! xoxo

  12. Shelley says:

    So excited to announce we have our OWN CORE-ite Facebook page. Please use the page for anything you would like to share about Core Critical !! It’s for, by, and about Fans !!!!

  13. CORE-ites — Are You Ready??? Tryin’ 2 Seem Normal Tour 2014 is just about to start!!! Check out the link above for the Core Amour Tour Special Edition !! Let’s Rock !!!

  14. November 2014 Core Amour is going to be special !! In-depth interview with Bev Wills!

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